SIM, mobile and internet in Italy

After many customer recommendations and a lot of inquiries, the ideal thing is to take out a virtual SIM card: very easy and a matter of only a few minutes. Always make sure to connect to the WIFI network of the hotel where you are staying so that you can surf as much as you want and use any of the packages you chose to purchase only when you are walking around outside.

Airalo virtual sim card (e-sim).

The most convenient and simple to operate
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Can be purchased before the flight and activated upon landing

For more information and joining the service –  click here

for the list of supported devices – click here

If your device is not on the list of supported prices then you will have to get a local SIM card in Italy. If you have arrived in Italy or are about to arrive in Italy, you can take out an Italian SIM on the same day (as long as it is not a Sunday when it is difficult to find a cellular company that is open).

The SIM card must be loaded with a surfing package so that you can connect to the high-speed cellular internet network, it can then be loaded in any supermarket or Tabbachi stores spread across all cities in Italy.

Buying a SIM card inside the airport

Chain Store FOREXCHANGE – deployed in Italy in the major cities and main airports, it mainly deals with currency exchange but is also an official representative of the Vodafone company and sells SIM cards to tourists, the SIM comes with a new number, a surfing package and phone calls within Europe at no extra charge.
The SIM price ranges from 20 – 30 euros per package that can be recharged every 30 days.

Buying a SIM card in Milan

Within the city you can access any of the Vodafone branches – check where the nearest branch is in the link
Or to any of the TIM branches – check where the branch closest to you is in the link

Here too you can choose a SIM card that will meet your requirements and will cost between 20 and 30 euros
Please note that in order to purchase a SIM card you must show your passport.

The use is not immediate and takes between one and three hours from the moment of purchase, depending on the company you chose to use.

Please note that the card can be reused / recharged every 28 days, so if you are planning additional trips in Italy or know people who travel several months away, keep the card.