Don't miss in milano

What do you simply have to see in Milan?

You can stay in Milan for a few days, and enjoy the cultural diversity that the city offers. Each area has its own charm, and everyone will be able to find here what their heart loves. Nevertheless, if your time is short, or you simply want to know what are, by and large, the most popular sites in the city, we have summarized them in the next post. The most important sites in the city are located close to each other, so apparently, but only apparently, you can see the most important sites in the city, even if you only have 24 hours here.  Let’s start:



This is the main cathedral in the city. This is the fourth largest cathedral in the world, the construction of which began in the fourteenth century, and lasted several centuries! The Duomo structure is so impressive, at any time of the day, and in all seasons. You should even make an effort to visit it twice during your visit, both during the day and at night. The square around the Duomo is also pleasant and wide and you can sit at the foot of the cathedral, or at the foot of the statue of the rider and the horse (Vittorio Emanuel) which is also located in the square in front of the cathedral and enjoy the atmosphere in the square. Of course, the square is also flooded with various cafes. When you are standing facing the entrance to the cathedral, you will find the ticket office in the building on the right. The entrance ticket to the cathedral is subsidized. You can add to it by elevator or stairs to the roof of the cathedral. A highly recommended experience. The stylish cathedral structure which is exposed all the way up is almost unfathomable. When you reach the roof, a spectacular view of the square will await you, the city of Milan and even the Alps on a blue sky day.

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Galleria Vittorio Emanuele

The Vittorio Emanuel Gallery was built in the name of King Vittorio Emanuel II in the years 1865-1877, as part of the city’s regeneration project after it was freed from the Austrian occupation. The gallery was built in the Neo-Renaissance style in order to connect Duomo square with La Scala opera house square. The building is impressive and awe-inspiring in itself, for its glass dome, the wall paintings, the sculptures that decorate the gallery and the mosaic paintings on the floor. In addition, over the years, the best designers of the world have established themselves in the gallery, and you can witness here with your own eyes the latest Gucci and Prada displays, plus the doormen at the entrance to the stores, and the tailgaters in their white gloves.

חייבים לראות במילאנו - גלריית ויטוריו עמנואל
Must see in Milan – Vittorio Emanuel Gallery

La Scala Theatre

The gallery leads to the next square, Piazza La Scala. Here is the famous Italian opera house La Scala theater, which was built on the ruins of the Santa Maria alle Scala church, and from which it got its name. The theater was built at the request of the wealthy of the city, even before the unification of Italy and the construction of the gallery. The theater building is not so impressive from the outside, but inside it is full of majesty and grandeur. It has places for about 2000 seats, on several floors, with cells on each floor containing several people in each cell. The premieres of all the best operas in the world were performed in this theater and it is considered the home theater of the composer Giuseppe Verdi. Nowadays, you can get tickets in different places even at relatively reasonable prices. In addition, there are sales of discounted tickets on the days of the performances themselves, and you can also purchase discounted or even free tickets to watch dress rehearsals. Even if you don’t have the patience for a ballet or opera show from start to finish, you can visit the theater museum, where I will curate a large collection of photos, art objects and costumes related to opera life. Details on the theater website.

חייבים לראות במילאנו - לה סקאלה
Must see in Milan – La Scala theater

Castello Sforzesco

About a quarter of an hour’s walk from La Scala Square you will reach this impressive citadel. The citadel is a huge, ancient and magnificent building from the Renaissance, surrounded by magnificent gardens. The citadel is named after Duke Sforza who ruled Lombardy, is considered one of the largest citadels in the world and is one of the most important symbols of the city of Milan. Today, the citadel is used as a residence for 38 of the most important museum halls in Italy, which include a large collection of art from the Middle Ages to the 17th century, including works by Michelangelo (who was a partner in the design of the building). You can walk around the citadel (free of charge) or even just in its courtyards, as well as wander among the museums (a nominal fee), if you are interested in art and history. Details on the website

Parco Sempione

This large urban park is actually adjacent to the Sforzesco Castle. This is a European park according to the best tradition. Sprawling, evergreen. It has many pleasant corners to sit, including a large cafe in the center. A small lake, swans, a bridge over the water. Bring a little side dish with you on the way, and have a perfect picnic in the heart of this urban nature. Who needs more?!

חייבים לראות במילאנו - פארק סמפיונה
A must see in Milan – Sempione Park

Brera district

is one of the most lively and beautiful districts in Milan, offering a variety of activities and attractions day and night. The district lies north of the Duomo and invites you to get lost among the bohemian streets.
In the elegant quarter there are quite a few galleries, restaurants and fashionable cafes, alongside designer shops and nice little boutiques.

At night, the district changes its skin and turns out to be a lively entertainment district, interspersed with pubs, restaurants and clubs. In the heart of the district is the Pincotca di Berra – the art gallery of the Berra Academy of Art (Pincotca Berra), contains the largest and most important painting and sculpture collections in the city.

חייבים לראות במילאנו - בררה
A must see in Milan – the Berra district

Corso Como 10

The fashion complex “Corso Como 10” (the name is also the address), combines art and lifestyle from the most important and influential in Milan. 
This is an exclusive designer clothing store that includes a chef’s restaurant, a fashion, design, art and architecture bookstore and a gallery that presents changing exhibitions of contemporary art.

The store, established in 1991 by Carla Sozzani, the sister of the editor of Italian Vogue and who is considered one of the most respected fashion figures in the Italian fashion industry, is a pilgrimage site for fashion and design enthusiasts from around the world. Entrance to the gallery is free and the whole place has the value of an impressive design experience. to the store website

Shopping in Milan

How can you do without – shopping. Milan is an expensive city. point. Nevertheless, it is pleasant to shop there, and if you like the international chains common throughout Europe such as Zara, Mango, Benton and the like, you will find something to buy here. The shopping experience is more pleasant, and there is a lot of variety and selection. Folk shopping is usually done on the long Corso Buenos Aires. You will find everything here, in an area that reminds a little of the center of Tel Aviv, noisy and busy, but maybe a little more in style. A similar street, very close to the Duomo and the city center is Via Torino. Recently, in 2018, a modern and innovative indoor shopping complex, called City Life, was opened in the city and can be reached by metro on the M5 purple line and get off at the Tre Torri station. It is also pleasant to walk around outside the complex, in an interesting architectural space that presents fountains arising from the floor (wet fun for children on hot summer days) and other impressive business buildings from the outside. If you have a lot of money in your pocket, or you just like to do window shopping, you can continue from the Duomo area, to the Golden Square area, where all the great Italian and international designer stores are. One of the most prominent streets in it is Via Monte Napoleone. Get your wallets ready.

For all the information about shopping in Milan and the surrounding area. For shopping areas click here

If you have more energy or time, or simply a few more days, also look for the following places:

Nabili canal area – Navigli

The canals, which in the past were mainly used to transport water and goods to the fields, are now one of the main attractions in Milan. The Nabili canal area is special and lively, especially Ripa di Porta Ticinese street. You will feel a bit like Venice here, and you can wander among artistic shops, magical courtyards and bohemian cafes.
One of the ways to enjoy the area and its views is through a canal cruise which provides an interesting and different experience with a traditional Milanese aperitivo (a glass of wine and snacks).

The duration of the cruise is one hour and the price of the ticket is 29 euros per person.
For more details and to order a cruise ticket, click here.

Citylife Milano

The prestigious Citylife neighborhood is not far from the center of the old city in Milan. In this area you will find a combination of shiny residential apartments and office buildings surrounded by an exclusive mall and a spacious park. You can walk along the park which combines contemporary art and sculptures, continue shopping in the sophisticated shopping center (M5 Tre Torri) and enjoy a movie screening in the cinema complex. In nicer weather, you can also lie on the grass of Tre Torri Park and admire the three skyscrapers designed by world-famous architects.

For more details and the shopping center website click here.

The Central Cemetery in Milan – Cimitero Monumentale

כן,Yes Yes. It turns out that this is one of the most beautiful places in the city.
In this cemetery various famous people and of course other citizens of Milan are buried. The tombs are surrounded by endlessly manicured gardens.
The cemetery also has a particularly interesting Jewish section, ask at the entrance about its location.

For more information on the website

Museums, Museums, Museums

There is so much in Milan! We will mention three. Two, very central right next to the Duomo: one in the former royal palace Palazzo Reale. The exhibitions in it change, but they are always among the best in their field.
to the museum website

In addition, next to this museum building is the 19th century Museo del Novecento, this is a relatively new museum that exhibits art from the last century from Italy and all over the world.
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The third museum is called Pinacoteca Di Brera. This is actually a gallery, one of the most important in Italy. The gallery is located in a beautiful palace from

17th century, in the heart of the bustling Berra district. The museum has a huge collection encompassing Italian paintings and sculptures from the 13th century to the 20th century. Works by well-known artists such as Raphael, Pietro, Titian, Caravaggio, Rubens and more find a place of honor in the gallery, as well as fascinating archaeological findings.
To the website of Pinakotka Di Berra

To all the recommended museums in Milan click here.

There is much more to see and experience in Milan, but as we promised, you have read the most important ones so far.
Enjoy, Arivadarchi!