Relevant information for flights to Milan in March 2024

Updated weather for the dates 2/26/2024 to 3/4/2024:

If you are coming to Milan this week, between February 26 and March 4, we have prepared for you an overview of the weather in Milan for the coming week. Milan is at the end of winter (called Inverno in Italian) which can be very cold, especially for those who are not used to it. During the day the temperature varies between 10-15 degrees, on the other hand in the evening the temperature is around 5 degrees, when walking around outside for several hours it is highly recommended to dress well. Don’t take risks and dress in layers. The heating inside the buildings (shops, cafes, hotels) is very strong so you should also have the option to take off layers easily.

Winter clothing: thermal tank top, long sleeve shirt and warm sweater. Above all, of course, a good coat, preferably a down coat that covers the body up to the knees. Thermal tights (tights without feet are recommended, much more comfortable) and over it pants or a skirt made of a warming fabric (jeans, corduroy, wool) and thick socks (wool socks, or thermal socks, or simply two pairs of socks). In addition, yes yes, a warm hat (preferably with a brass lining) that will also cover the ears, a cozy scarf, and gloves. It is recommended to get gloves that actually keep your hands warm (leather gloves or gloves intended for skiing) and not just simple gloves for beauty. You should not be lazy and bring these items with you. You can certainly enjoy a trip even in winter, provided you dress well.

There is a chance of rain and the weather in Milan is not stormy so you won’t find yourself dealing with heavy rains and winds, but simply with persistent cold and heavy fog. This week is particularly rainy, so it is recommended to have an umbrella, the umbrellas are also sold in every corner of the city, so if you forgot, you can buy one.

Tours in “My Milan”:

After many questions and consultations with us, we decided to give you some order in our variety of tours.
The tours are in small and intimate groups, guided by a team of local guides who will make you feel at home in Milan.

So many wonderful options, how will you know what to choose?
Our most popular tours are the Cappuccino Boutique Tour, the Magic Classic Tour and the Fashion and Style Tour.

You are welcome to enter the links for information about each tour.

Private boutique tour in Milan (cappuccino)

Jewish guided tour in Milan

Boutique tour in Milan – secrets and wonders 

For more information on dates and prices, please contact us

Changing exhibitions:

The installation in the science museum where colors are touched

Where: the National Museum of Science and Technology
Dates from 11/11/2023 to 10/01/2024
For more details and tickets on the website
The installation was built as a large light table in which different layers of primary colors are interwoven: red, green, blue.
Visitors will be able to try to manipulate, press and push the surface of the work to create an endless and ever new palette of colors and shapes.
Adults and children will also be able to delve deeper into the theory and perception of color on which the work is based, discover for example how the human retina reacts to different light stimuli and ponder the concepts of real and virtual.

Dreamers of space, the amazing exhibition in Milan for traveling to space and landing on Mars

Where: the square in Caria – Piazza Cesare in Caria
Dates from 14/12/2023 to 10/03/2024
For more details and tickets on the website
Space travelers, staying in Milan. The “Dreamers of Space” exhibition inaugurated under Medonina, an exhibition dedicated to space with 16 installations – the organizers promise – is “unique and immersive, created to involve, excite and surprise the visitors”.

“Each installation has been carefully designed to take people on an extraordinary journey, through knowledge and the wonder of discovery. Stars, clouds, satellites and galaxies: immersed in a magical atmosphere, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the wonders of the cosmos and galaxies. To touch firsthand the amazing expanse of the universe,” we read in the note. “In fact, you will have the opportunity to travel in space, swing through the clouds, land on Mars, experience the thrill of the moon landing, travel among the stars and much more.”

The big exhibition on Picasso in the heart of Milan
Where: Mudec – Museum of Cultures
Dates from 02/22/2024 to 06/20/2024
For more details and tickets on the website

The metamorphosis of the figure, dedicated to the great Spanish artist and his relationship with primitive art. The great artist did not see the art that inspired him as “primitive”, he did not see art as ‘before’ and ‘after’. “There is no past and future in art – he stressed -. If a work of art cannot always live in the present, it has no meaning.” Pablo Picasso actually knew, more than any artist of his generation, how to understand and reinvent them.