Classic tour In Milan

Customized tours - tell us when you arrive in Milan, how many participants and together we will find the right tour at the right time for you.

Want to get to know old Milan from a local perspective? Do you want to know magical and special corners that only locals know about? You are invited to join us on the magical tour in old Milan – a tour in a fun atmosphere in Milan in Hebrew. On this tour we will tour for three hours in the ancient center of the city of Milan, hear fascinating stories and interesting historical legends and get to know the different periods that the city went through. We will talk about influences and revolutions in the city and get to know the stories that made Milan the city it is today.

We will start our route in the city center, in San Babila Square and from there we will proceed to the Duomo Square, we will visit the square of the Royal Palace of Milan which is now a group of museums, we will go up to a secret-local observation of the city, we will visit the prestigious Vittorio Emanuele Gallery, the famous Opera House, we will visit the old market and from there we will continue home The new and old stock market.

During our tour you will receive special tips and recommendations about the city from our team, with the option of combining fine coffee and ice cream.

Join one of the talented and experienced guides of my Milan team for a unique and in-depth tour of classic Milan.

Important Information -

  • The tour lasts three hours.
  • The tour will be conducted by a guide from my Milan staff.
  • At the end of the tour, you will receive a souvenir – a small series of photos from the tour and a variety of tips for continuing your stay in the city.

General Information -

  • Working only on weekdays.
  • For details and price, contact us on WhatsApp
  • You can upgrade to a private tour for an additional fee, for details contact me on WhatsApp