Jewish guided tour in Milan

On this tour we will tour on foot for three hours in the old Jewish quarter of Milan. We will get to know the different periods the city went through and its effects on the Jewish community. We will hear fascinating stories about life as a Jew in Milan and learn about the history of the Jewish people in all of Italy and in Milan in particular.

Milan is one of the leading Jewish centers in the country. Today, about 5,200 Jews live in Milan, making it the largest Jewish community in Italy after Rome.
We will start our route in the center of the city, Sinagoga Centrale di Milano (Central Synagogue) at a quick 10-minute walk from the famous Duomo of Milan is the main synagogue of the city, known as Sinagoga Centrale di Milano (“Central Synagogue of Milan”)
** The entrance to the synagogue is a donation of 10 euros, you need to coordinate the entrance with us in advance.

Our tour is combined with coffee tasting, fascinating stories about Italian Jewry, fine ice cream and interesting historical legends. Join one of the talented and experienced guides of my team in Milan for a unique and in-depth tour of the Jewish quarter of Milan.

Important Information

  • The tour lasts three hours.
  • The tour will be conducted by a guide from my Milan staff.

General Information

  • Working only on weekdays.
  • For details and price, contact us on WhatsApp
  • You can upgrade to a private tour for an additional fee, for details contact me on WhatsApp